Dhoop & Insence Cones

The Dhoop Sticks are thick stubs of incense which packs the heavenly scents with a longer burning time than an incense stick. Perfect to bring alive a complete home or a large hall, the joss sticks are ideal for mass prayers.

Our Dhoop sticks and cones are available in three series:


The top notch series collection of dhoop sticks has a cauldron of magical ,rich  & rare fragrances which has mesmerized humanity for centuries together. Each one so exotic it makes the heaven descend to earth. Invite the angles, and good luck, as often as you wish.



The Premium series is a basket of exotic mid range quality fragrances from the lap of nature.



The Economical Series is a bouquet of dhoop sticks that are pocket friendly with loads of exciting offers attached to it, specially meant for rural & semi urban households.