Hawan Samigri

Hawan Samagri is made of mainly four types of ingredients

  1. Keetanu Nasak ( Anti Bacterial )
  2. Sugandhit ( Full of Fragrance )
  3. Swasthya Vardhak ( Medicinal action Property )
  4. Paushtik ( Healthy Nature )

Our Samagri is a blend of all & thus purifies surroundings by bringing  comfort, peace and prosperity of festive occasions.

We cater to our customers needs in 3 series:

The top notch series collection of samagri has a cauldron of unbelievably truly natural ingredients. So pure and divine it makes the heaven descend to earth. Invite the angles, and good luck, as often as you wish.

The Premium series is a mid range series as close as you can get to experience nature in real.

The Economical Series is pocket friendly with loads of exciting offers attached to it, specially meant for rural & semi urban households.