Insence Sticks

The best in nature is captured for you in our incense sticks. incense has natural oils and resins that have been treasured down the ages for their aromatic and medicinal qualities. With its unique bouquet of fragrances, it connects you to nature instantly. Purity unmatched by any other incense!

Our three series cater to our customers needs:


The top notch series collection of incense has a cauldron of exotic export quality ,magical ,rich  & rare fragrances which has mesmerized humanity for centuries together. Dangerously irresistible, unbelievably soothing & truly natural. Each one so exotic it makes the heaven descend to earth. Invite the angles, and good luck, as often as you wish.



The Premium series is a mid range series from the lap of nature. Each one is an explosion of fragrance that would splash freshness and re-energize you. Each one so real it makes you feel a part of this wonderful creation.



The Economical Series is a bouquet of insence sticks that are pocket friendly with loads of exciting offers attached to it, specially meant for rural & semi urban households.